Yellow Warbler May31


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Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Kyce Bello

Published in Written River #10


She hears the first warbler sing from the lanceleafeolata in full green.
Needle beaked, bright bodied.

Sprightly the song. Sunny colored mites. Flitting and falling through
the leaves like notes in a vigorous composition. And that just the waif’s dance.

She went down to the creek and looked as if for an angel. Searching for
everything lost, everything here. The canopy a chorus of the unseen.

She remembered: every song tells their name. Bubbling warble. Prostrate
on the ground warble. My heart is here where the river ran dry warble.
Weeping for the lost world warble.

Dendroica petechiae Length 5”. Plump. Common. Willows, wetlands,
open woods, garden. Most of the names she will never know.

The high elms, singing. Sweet sweet sweet I’m so sweet.



Kyce Bello is a writer devoted to her home place, Northern New Mexico’s mountains and drylands. She edited the anthology The Return of the River: Writers, Scholars, and Citizens Speak on Behalf of the Santa Fe River (Sunstone Press, 2011), which won two New Mexico book awards. She also authored two tiny handcrafted chapbooks, Primagravida and Headwaters. The daughter of a Puerto Rican/Cuban/Italian and a Caucasian Baptist, she was raised in an American Sikh ashram. She is currently enrolled in the Institute of American Indian Arts’ MFA program for creative writing.