Tsuga canadensis May31


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Tsuga canadensis

Tsuga canadensis

Zachary Bos

Published in Written River #10


Fresh griefs beat tranquilly, and loves and vows
Grow green in your gray shadows. . . .
—F.G. Tuckerman, Sonnet vii

From the axis of
        its shaggy body
a cloud of dark birds
        emerged, expanding
to a rough sphere of
        starling radius.

I thought of gas jets
        spouting from the ends
of rotating stars,
        & of Pascal’s god,
whose origin is
        everywhere, & whose
circumference does not
        at any point touch
the universe we
        inhabit. The tree
shook when the flock flew,
        a gentle tremble,
the way I suppose
        a god good enough
to believe in must
        when looking down through
lapped layers of sheer
        striving & cirrus
to see how we care
        for this lone hemlock
with underbough &
        branchtips rough & dun.


Zachary Bos is the Publisher of Boston-based Pen & Anvil Press. His writing has appeared in publications including Clarion, The Christian Science Monitor, Bellevue Literary Review, Literary Imagination, and Found Poetry Review. Growing out of an interest in nature poetry, plein air writing, and humanism, his recent work is focused on the development of a poetics of secular wonder. In April 2015, he was awarded first place in the Religion and the Arts Initiative Poetry Competition hosted by Boston University.