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Taylor Brorby

Published in Vol. 5 Issue 2 of Written River

What sits in the cracks of your soft pinkness,
hid from the waiting world of desire and lust,
where rain and wind beat their way into
the trammeled pathways of your pores?
Long ago, when lightning lit the prairie
into a electric grid of fire and smoke
did you want to sneak away, to hide
in a cove of love, swaddled in a blanket?

But that was not your destiny,
you were meant to be burnt –
to burn through the years,
changing and morphing,
shedding your skin like a
chrysalis revealing the inner
beauty of delight, fashioning
a new garment for a new day.

When you stepped out,
awash in a prairie sky,
did the neighbors take a new
look at you, you who hid for
oh those many years beneath
a film of blackness? Did you
elongate your form, chuckle
and say,
This is the day.


Taylor Brorby is an essayist living in Ames, Iowa. His work focuses on fracking and the Bakken oil boom. His forthcoming chapbook, Ruin: Elegies from the Bakken, is through Red Bird Chapbooks and he is editing the first anthology of creative writing on fracking, Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories about Fracking in America, through Ice Cube Press.