Rewilding Written River Feb23


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Rewilding Written River

Written River Vol 5 Issue 2We are pleased to announce the release of this winter’s issue of Written River. The print edition will be made available soon.

From our office in Massachusetts, we are buried under about eight feet of total snow accumulation this winter. I have, despite the cold, been warmed by the writing we have gathered up for this issue of Written River. With each issue we have produced since we founded the journal in 2010, I have felt it has become more and more of an embodiment of the eco-poetic writing we set out to cultivate and promote.


This winter’s issue of Written River marks both a beginning and an end. This is the last issue of Written River we will produce in its current format. The next issue, which we will release this autumn, will bring with it many changes. Most noticeable will be change from a biannual, magazine-style literary journal to a yearly, anthology-style journal in book format. The new format will allow us to print more and longer essays in addition to poetry.


Since we began Written River, our commitment has been to make the journal freely available to all. When we founded the journal, we envisioned it as an electronic offering. A print version has nonetheless been made available with each issue. With this change, we will be focusing more on the print journal and striving, even more, to increase the quality of work we publish. As part of this effort, we hope to be able to include more substantive essays in order to more deeply explore the theme of eco-poetics and environmental literature.


In addition to the change in format, we are launching a new website dedicated to the journal. In time, this site will be filled with selected pieces from our back issues and will be updated annually with material from each new issue. While we will not be posting everything on the site upon release, we intend to share a substantive portion of the journal each year.


2015 will mark many changes to Hiraeth Press and a renewed commitment to our mission and to our continued growth as a publisher. The mission of Hiraeth Press is to, in brief, rewild the human voice. I view the change in format as an opportunity to hew ever closer to that mission, to rewild Written River. We hope that this issue of Written River will inspire you to explore your own wild nature, just as it has inspired us.