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Welcome to Written River’s issue archive. We currently publish a single, anthology-style issue each year. From 2010 through early 2015 we published two magazine issues per year. Our back issues are all available in print and electronic editions. If you’d like to purchase a hard copy version, issues are available for order through MagCloud. Thank you for your readership!



Written River Vol 5 Issue 2Written River Vol 5 Issue 2

Featuring essays for this issue are The Clear Cut, the Cutthroat, and the Cascade Effect by Matthew Dickerson, Self-Realisation on the Kumano Kodo by William Henry Searle, Mysterious Monarchs by Marianne Werner, and The Four Masks of Wild River by Amber Ornelais. We also feature poetry by Susan Edwards Richmond, Pepper Trail, Ron Roth, Taylor Brorby, Gwendolyn Morgan, Christopher Hansen, Hannah Rodabaugh, Amanda Biltucci, Chad Hanson, Gonzalinho da Costa, Tricia Knoll, Bill Prindle, Claudia F. Savage, Cameron Price, M. L. Lyons, Mark B. Hamilton, Jessica Martini, Kathryn Haydon, Andy Thorstenson, and Suzanne Rogier Marshall. Photography by Ron Roth, Katherine Minott, and Russell Streur.

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WR_Summer_2014_covWritten River Vol 5 Issue 1

Feature articles for this issue are Quest of the Elusive Shoebill by Robert Sassor, A Root and A Branch by Heather Miles, Melu by Amy Wright, and The Geographic Poems of Travis Macdonald. This edition is also filled to the brim with stunning poetry by John Grey, Robin Chapman, Cory Collins, Kristin Berger, Kristin Berger, Jessica Van de Kemp, Susan Bruce, Milton Bates, Karina Lutz, Julia McCarthy, Timothy McLaughlin, Zachary Hester, Sheila Boneham, Travis Macdonald, Zoë Mason, James Grabill, James Dott, Michael Salcman , and Francis Daulerio. The issue also features selections from Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea by Gwendolyn Morgan, Wild Life by Jamie K. Reaser, and Searching for What is Not There and Martin Willitts Jr.

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Written River Vol 4 Issue 2Written River Winter 2013 Cover

Featuring essays, poetry, and art by Geneen Marie Haugen, Courtney Flerlage, Julie Fowler, Melinda Giordano, Daniel Hudon, Terry Portillo, Michelle Menting, Carla Ferreira, Janis Rodgers Soule, Brian Stafford, Steve Bertolino, Nancy Bunge, Andrew Hincapie, Irene Mitchell, Bill Hoagland, James Liter, Laurence Holden, Kaye Spivey. Elizabeth Selbst, Elizabeth Schultz, Byron Beynon, Donna O’Connell-Gilmore, and Benjamin Polley

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WRSUM_13_covWritten River Vol. 4 Issue 1

Feature Essays in this issue include: Life and Death at Lake Superior by Steven Wineman, Writer at Gihon River by Kathleen Saville, Driving Through a Mountain by Jessica Bryant Klagmann, Swimming with Shadows by Saumya Arya Haas, Prawns at a Turning Point by Sophia V. Schweitzer and Three Arizona Canyons by Mark Rozema. The issue also features the poetry of Kate Dwiggins, Lee Patton, John Sierpinski, Glenn Halak, Elaine Moynahan, David Tagnani, Barbara March, Majkin Holmquist, Jon Barrows, Janie Miller, Kevin Patrick, Susan Gilbert, Alexandria Delcourt, Douglas Knight, Chris Gladden, John Gifford, Lee Passarella, Gwendolyn Morgan, Diana Woodcock and Mike Jurkovic. Finally, we included a preview of the much-anticipated Wild Life by Jamie K. Reaser. The feature photographer for the issue is Christian Reifsteck.

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Written River Winter 2012 Cover

Written River Vol. 3 Issue 2

Featuring an inter­view with artist Miya Ando. Poetry by Old Mountain, Musan Cho Oh-​​hyun, Scott T. Starbuck, Martin Willits Jr., Jesse LoVasco, Martin Burke, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Joel Long, J.K. McDowell, Diana Woodcock, Genevieve Leet, Laurence Holden, Gwendolyn Morgan, Jamie K. Reaser, Brendan Sullivan, Nicole Parizeau, Michael Bazzett, Daniel Williams, Colin Dodds, and Theodosia Henney. Non-​​fiction by Christine Waresak, Tyra Olstad, and Laura Story Johnson. Also fea­turing the art and pho­tog­raphy of Genevieve Leet, Russell Streur, Pamela Petro, Jamie K. Reaser, and J. Kay MacCormack.

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Written River Vol. 3 Issue 1

Featuring poetry by: Wally Swist, Maureen Epstein, Nina Pick, Jenny Angyal, Lowell Uda, Michael Salcman, Gwendolyn Morgan, Sonya Deulina, J.K. McDowell and Jamie K. Reaser. Essays by: Daniel Becker, Jenny Walicek, Greg Hlavaty, Daniel Robinson, Greg Graham and Treasa Ní Chonchobhair. With a preview of Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life, a forthcoming poetry collection by Jamie K. Reaser and a look at the photography of James Liter, T. Parker Sanborn, L.M. Browning and Eleanor Leonne Bennett. Also featured: a profile of New England poet and wildlife artist L.M. Browning.

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Written River Vol. 2 Issue 2

This issue features an interview by Frank Owen from Bodhiyatra Poetry with the filmmakers of Shugendō Now. Also featured in this issue of Written River is the landscape photography of Duncan George, Jamie K. Reaser and Teresa Conner; with poetry by: Andrea Witzke Slot, Robin Scofield, T. Parker Sanborn, Francine Tolk, Frank Owen, Jenny Ward Angyal, Peter Neil Carroll, William Cullen, Jr. and J.K. McDowell.

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Written River Vol. 2 Issue. 1

Featuring: The Poetry of Brandi Katherine Herrera, Marisa Handler, Beth Anne Boardman, J.K. McDowell, Simon Peter Eggertsen, Jamie K. Reaser, L.M. Browning, Roselle Angwin, Rodney Nelson and Kasey Phifer. An interview with author Jason Kirkey by Jenn MacCormack. The Photographer for this issue: Duncan George. Essays: Nature and Education by Theodore Richards and Truckee River Reflection by Pamela Biery Also featured: Celebrating the Launch of Homebound Publications — an imprint of Hiraeth Press devoted to fiction. Preview of Western Solstice by Leonore Wilson.

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Written River Vol. 1 Issue 1

The photography of James Liter; poetry by Jamie K. Reaser, Jenn MacCormack, Mary Harwell Sayler, Leonore Wilson, Theodore Richards, Jason Kirkey, Judy Longley, L.M. Browning and feature article by Adrian Villasenor-Galarza.