Naming the Tree May31

Naming the Tree

Naming the Tree James Dott Published in Written River #10   Each name leaves things unseen, the root name still waiting just beneath knowing. 635 First fire, seedlings wither in their elders’ shade need flame to open the canopy. Next mist, rain, thin soil, and sun. Those not eaten, that...

Sage Creek May31

Sage Creek

Sage Creek David O’Hara Published in Written River #10   Halfway through the fall we drive west, far from urban glow, To see the stars that we have never seen at home. We go to the Badlands, at night, to the primitive campground And listen to the coyotes singing from rim to rim Of the valley...

Morning: Blank Canvas May31

Morning: Blank Canvas

Morning: Blank Canvas Kathryn P. Haydon Published in Written River #10   The songbird always sings before dawn. Eerie darkness, mind awash in shadows; night demons howling emptiness. The songbird will sing. Dark, dank thoughts rumbling through fitful sleep; ghosts swirling a cold sweat. The...

Language without Words May31

Language without Words

Language without Words Miki Fukuda Published in Written River #10   Hold your tongue, friend, and listen to yourself              for a moment. What you are saying is immense.              I have no word for it— And to whom are you saying all this?              Suddenly all ears, you see...

Bear May31


Bear Nick Norwood Published in Written River #10   Big. Sleek. All black but for a homely splotch of cinnamon across his butt. He stood half in sun strained through ponderosa boughs turned crossways and obliquely to the trail. Not twenty feet apart, the two of us, by my mistake. Fifty miles...

Owl Song May31

Owl Song

Owl Song Sarah Rehfeldt Published in Written River #10   low— out from the gray-green backs of trees, spreading out as darkness into hillsides— in silence, the fog— its longing somewhere to be anchored— what has traveled nearly an entire lifetime to reach us     Sarah Rehfeldt is a recent...


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