Chasing the Memory of a Naturalist Jun10

Chasing the Memory of a Naturalist

Chasing the Memory of a Naturalist in Baja California Sur Aven Satre-Meloy Published in Written River #10   Ellen Meloy was a gifted naturalist and talented writer. She has been called an “empathetic soul.” I called her my aunt. Ellen passed away suddenly in 2004 at her home in Bluff, Utah. I...

Naming the Tree May31

Naming the Tree

Naming the Tree James Dott Published in Written River #10   Each name leaves things unseen, the root name still waiting just beneath knowing. 635 First fire, seedlings wither in their elders’ shade need flame to open the canopy. Next mist, rain, thin soil, and sun. Those not eaten, that...

The Worsening Light of the Mind May31

The Worsening Light of the Mind

The Worsening Light of the Mind: Humanities and the Anthropocene Maximilian Werner Published in Written River #10   “Those of us working in the humanities are under no obligation to demonstrate that our ideas are anything except that.” 1. Pioneer Myth When I recall my encounters with...

Sage Creek May31

Sage Creek

Sage Creek David O’Hara Published in Written River #10   Halfway through the fall we drive west, far from urban glow, To see the stars that we have never seen at home. We go to the Badlands, at night, to the primitive campground And listen to the coyotes singing from rim to rim Of the valley...

Morning: Blank Canvas May31

Morning: Blank Canvas

Morning: Blank Canvas Kathryn P. Haydon Published in Written River #10   The songbird always sings before dawn. Eerie darkness, mind awash in shadows; night demons howling emptiness. The songbird will sing. Dark, dank thoughts rumbling through fitful sleep; ghosts swirling a cold sweat. The...


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