Written River is a literary journal published by Hiraeth Press which focuses on poetry and non-fiction prose exploring nature and our relationship to it. Published as an annual anthology, we strive to encourage the discipline of eco-poetics and return the voice of the poet to the body of the Earth. Eco-poetics is poetry in which the energy of the ecosystem flows through the poem, creating a written river of words which ebbs with the creativity of the entire Earth commun­ity. Written River marks the confluence of many streams and many voices as they flow back into the nourishing ground of the watershed.

Founding Editors
Jason Kirkey
L.M. Browning

Associate Editor
J. Kay MacCormack

Written River is published by Hiraeth Press.

Hiraeth Press has been publishing since 2006 with a focus on environmental literature.We primarily publish nonfiction books exploring themes of conservation, rewilding, place-based narratives, natural history, and contemplative ecology. We accept submissions that range from meditations on nature to well-researched yet accessible nonfiction titles. Broadly, we are interested in books that bring together science and poetry, bridging the gap between knowing the earth and knowing the self.

Poetry is the language of the earth. This includes not only poems but the slow flap of a heron’s wings across the sky, the lightning of its beak hunting in the shallow water; autumn leaves and the smooth course of water over stones and gravel. These, as much as poems, communicate the being and meaning of things. We strive to produce works of poetry, whether they are actual poems or nonfiction. We are passionate about poetry as a means of returning the human voice to the chorus of the wild.

The Welsh word hiraeth (pronounced here-eyeth) encapsulates the spirit by which we strive and that the books we publish hope to inspire.  A direct translation of the word might be something like an intense longing for one’s homeland. Here at Hiraeth Press we believe that our collective human homeland is the still-wild places of the earth.