Yellow Warbler May31

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler Kyce Bello Published in Written River #10   She hears the first warbler sing from the lanceleafeolata in full green. Needle beaked, bright bodied. Sprightly the song. Sunny colored mites. Flitting and falling through the leaves like notes in a vigorous composition. And that...

Little Beaver Creek May31

Little Beaver Creek

Little Beaver Creek Paul Willis Published in Written River #10   1. A breeze is all: little more than silence, little less than hemlock needles in air. 2. Pale-green witch’s hair wisping down from every limb of Douglas fir. But where are all the bald witches? 3. Mosquito, did you forget to...

Rabbit Mt. Pome #2 May31

Rabbit Mt. Pome #2

Rabbit Mt. Pome #2 Dustin Pickett Published in Written River #10   The idea of an altar to the gods emerged from the deep fissured earth Heaved up through intense heat & pressure a rippling igneous child sucked back into the depths meta   morph   ized A dense, pocked slab laid up on the...

Omnivorous May31


Omnivorous Gwendolyn Morgan Published in Written River #10   (Tamias townsendii Rodentia Sciuridae) Here’s a hint: look at her face basic brown with a clearly defined dark stripe stretching from nose to eye five dark, four cinnamon-brown stripes. She is a storer of wisdom, insect wings...

Tsuga canadensis May31

Tsuga canadensis

Tsuga canadensis Zachary Bos Published in Written River #10   Fresh griefs beat tranquilly, and loves and vows Grow green in your gray shadows. . . . —F.G. Tuckerman, Sonnet vii From the axis of         its shaggy body a cloud of dark birds         emerged, expanding to a rough sphere of...


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